T Bolt General Specification

The construction of the Jupiter T-Bolt Clamp comprises of hard Stainless Steel band assembled with forged T-Bolt duly heat-treated and Zinc plated, locked in a T-guide with self-locking nut at the end.

Note :
  • The term "Size No."and corresponding actual diameters of type "TB or SLTB" etc. from SAE J 1508 are confusive to the customers and are omitted here. Due to limited clamping range reference to exact hose O.D. i.e. DN is more convenient and preferred.
  • These figs. are referred from SAE J 1508. Jupiter is tested for values in excess of the same.

Clamps with band thickness from 0.6 upto 2 mm, width form 14 upto 31.75 mm and bolts dia upto 7/16" etc. are available for special applications. For A.U. application, specific drawing are prepared and forwarded.