T Bolt Illustrations

TYPE : JT 6A 20 Standard Clamp

This flat shoe or bridge clamp is widely used for general applications.

TYPE : JT 6B 20 Clamp with Formed bridge

Clamp with formed bridge generally used for soft surfaces like silicon hose connections and special applications.

TYPE : JT 6C 20 Quick Opening Clamp

This construction helps to avoid complete opening of nut and facilitates easy mounting or dis-mounting.

TYPE : JT 6D 20 Snap Action Clamp

This is designed to have facility of re-opening and re-clamping of assembly required frequently for re-cleaning, re-inspection and re-servicing etc.

TYPE : JT 6E 20 Constant Torque Clamp

This spring loaded clamp is used for safety of assembly of hose or connected components from excessive pressure than the necessary. The joint is more vibration-proof under severe working conditions and can be used for sub-zero temp applications.

TYPE : JT 6F 20 Wide Range Clamp

This is double T-Bolt clamp designed for higher range of clamping requirements.


Apart from above, Non-standard clamps with various widths, thickness, T-Bolt, nut, specifications and special materials, surface finishing and mounting are designed to suit the customer requirements.